Das Neue Ornament
Series of plates, engraved in metal

This project was created as part of a Trends & Identity module at the ZHdK. The aim was to create a product or object made of metal, which should deal with and communicate a current social topic.
"The New Ornament" is an ironized reinterpretation of Henry van de Velde's essay of the same name, which called for a reform of ornamentation to suit modern man. I play with van de Velde's notion of modern man by relating it to the present and correlating it with the consumer habits of the global north. The ornaments are arranged in such a way that the inside of the plate shows well-known sigmas and logos that have become inculcated in society. The rim of the plate shows corporations and companies that are considered to be distributors or drivers of the brands shown on the inner side and are responsible for environmental and ethical problems that we encounter in the food, fashion and petroleum industries. With these ornaments I would like to motivate the viewing person to read the motifs and experience the consumption-critical aftertaste.